Saturday, March 7, 2009

After 2 months of battling with rendering errors and problems on the new render grid system they installed this year, I have finally managed to get an image that is acceptable for what I was originally envisioning. I've been able to render at home a little at a time with no problems, but when I would try to render at school it would never work correctly!! I would never have been able to batch render the whole thing at home before the final due date! Just as an experiment they reinstalled the old render farm from last year and after one attempt at rendering a scene it came back perfect. It turns out this ENTIRE TIME it wasn't my files that were messed up at all. It was the render farm!!!!!! The new farm is Linux based, the old farm Windows based! SO MUCH TIME WASTED!!!! ARGHHHH!!! I guess I did become much more versed in the intricacies of render settings that I tweaked countless times trying to correct problems that were never problems! I'm finally getting scenes back and making adjustments at a much better pace now.

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