Saturday, June 20, 2009

The sun set from our balcony at home

Here's my desk

Here's the courtyard at my studio. It's so relaxing to walk out side and see this everyday!
Just finished my first week at DreamWorks. It is such an amazing place! It's everything an animation studio should be! I can't describe just how happy I am to be here. I can have icecream everyday for free if I want to!!

The wifey and I have been busy moving into our new place. We had a headache of a move and had to fight tooth and nail with the movers for trying to over charge us for the stuff they did. Like oh I don't know....$65 for packing a large box that only had a dog leash in it!!!!! They ended up breaking stuff, dragging our mattress on the street, and losing one of our boxes somewhere in Kansas!!! This companies name was ATLAS. I strongly don't recommend them to anyone!

We had to ship my jeep cross country and it seemed fine until I tried to use my turn signals and found out they aren't working. Something must have rattled loose during transit. Of course the car movers say they won't pay to have it checked out because they didn't touch the blinkers.

The apartment we found sight unseen....actually turned out to be great! We lucked out there and we are very happy in our place and it's in a good location 2 miles from my studio. The dogs thought stairs were really cool at first, but they are going up an down a bit slower these days now that they realized they have to climb them every day.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moving truck comes at 8am. I-10 westbound is about to become our new best friend. Here we go!