Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm in charge of this little project called The Ringling 100. After a long process of getting approvals and getting the word out we are finally ready to really get started on creating it. Without very much advertising we already have over 100 submissions, but we need a lot more in order to make this the best book possible. So if you are a Ringling student, alumni, or faculty we want your submission!

Here's an example of a submission... THANKS TO JOSH WYZ for letting me post this...

Moving across the country to a new job sort of put a wrench in the works earlier this summer because I was so busy trying to get adjusted to the new life. Now that I'm all settled in I will have the time to get it running up at full speed.

Of course my point man Scotty will be doing a lot of the PR work back at Ringling, while I take care of the tech side online. Jorge is our silent partner. He's really there just to look good.

Now all I need is for the artists to create art...

send your submissions to


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