Sunday, October 25, 2009

So now that my life has sort of hit a rhythm and day to day things are mostly worked out I've decided to do something I've been putting off for a long time. I'm going to re-start work on a project that I began in 2001. Writing a book!

The first time around I got about 80 pages in and from most accounts it seemed to be the beginning of an entertaining story. It is totally a fantasy/sci-fi epic journey quest thing with good guys bad guys and everything that gets in between. In the EIGHT years that have gone by since I first began typing, my original idea has grown and changed and continued evolving in my head. What I had written before is now only a memory of what it has become. There are lots of very fleshed out characters with back stories, interweaving plot lines, triumphs, failures, love and loss, although I have never really had time to write it all down until now.

Even with everything else going on in my life I've always had this story brewing on the back burner. Ideas for characters and story points come to me usually at the most inopportune times, but because of that I've forced myself to memorize everything about it. There are very few things that have slipped my mind when it comes to this story, but I figure if it isn't something I can remember about it then it probably wasn't important enough to include anyways.

I've read a lot of interviews where writers and directors of the best stories out there spent years developing their characters and the story that brings them all together. Hopefully mine have been simmering long enough.

Maybe a year or two from now I'll actually have it mostly finished. I might try to do some artwork for it just for fun. Visual Development is just as fun as writing and it can sometimes help the process!

So here goes nothing...!