Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mouse Guard fan art

After I read through one of my old Mouse Guard books I decided to knock out a quick sketch/paint before I went to bed. Just sort of made these guys up out of my head, but they are based on the characters by David Petersen. http://www.mouseguard.net/

Before I did my thesis I had actually pitched a different idea about a Mouse and Frog that got into a misunderstanding that caused a war. Batrachomyomachy :Definition:The battle between the frogs and mice; - a Greek parody on the Iliad, of uncertain authorship.
Then during my research for character design I came across Mouse Guard by David Petersen. My original character so closely resembled his characters that it was one of the sticking points why that idea didn't get approved. And after seeing his designs it's hard to come up with a mouse character that is any better.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Figure Drawing Part V

First figure drawing session of the new year. Great model. She was super skinny, but still curvy and did some great poses the whole class. She was dressed in a leotard and beret and had huge round sunglasses and a little revolver to complete the French Spy look. It was great!